Pizza  and  beer, made  local

A baileys' restaurant

Local tastes better


Our pizza is unique in STL! Our crust is a house blend that includes 00 flour (Bromate free), aged 18-24 hours, resulting in a delightfully light yet sturdy Roman style crust, made daily at the restaurant. The sauce recipe has been perfected with just the right balance of sweetness, spice, and flavorful herbs. And, since this is a Baileys' Restaurant, we make own pepperoni (5 different kinds) including local grass fed beef, spicy beef, duck, buffalo chicken and vegan. Some of our ingredients will be supplied from our Micro-Farm as well. Baileys' commitment to local and sustainable farming continues with Hugo's.

Why Pizza? We love pizza, and we want to offer a pizza that is unique because of the great flavor of the sauce and locally made ingredients.

Why did we pick this location? It is two blocks away from one of our sister restaurants, Small Batch, and we love Midtown. It is really growing, and it also puts us in a spot where we are easy to get to from Downtown, SLU, the West End, Lafayette Square, or any place, really.

What's behind the bar? A focus on beer from around the world (25 drafts, no bottles = less waste, along with some really awesome cocktails and boozy spritzers. 

Will we offer delivery? We will soon. Stay tuned. For now, order delivery through UberEats!



(314) 896-4846



3135 Olive St.

St. Louis, MO 63103



Sun - Thurs 11a–10p     
Fri & Sat 11a-11p